Numbers etc.
by Micah

I notice most of my blog updates over the years are just apologies for barely ever updating. This past month, I was curious as to how long it took me to draw this stuff, since I want a time frame for the completion of Chapter 4 and eventually the whole comic. So here are some interesting (or boring) figures.

Now, roughly 7 years after drawing the first page, I have 40 pages. That is approximately 5.7 pages per year, which is less than a page every two months. If you take away the 2 years I was barely drawing that's still only 8 pages a year. So I've changed my official update schedule to "1 - 2 pages per month", because realistically, that is about how much I can do.

I just finished Page 41, and I'm scanning it in as I write this. Each panel of this page took a minimum of 2 hours to complete, and some, like the last panel, easily absorbed 6 hours. I estimate the full page took me between 25 and 30 hours. That means, if I wanted to do a page a week, I would have to spend almost as much time on Bone Realm as I do on my actual job that pays for my rent and groceries. To be honest, I would love to do that, and maybe one day I will be able to! After Chapter 4 is finished, I'm planning on doing some redraws (most notably pp. 1 and 2) and then I will make a volume. The volume will be published in some form, but whether that will be professionally done or underground, I haven't yet decided. I'm thinking Part One, or Volume One, will be entitled "Paladin" since he is the most important character and arguably the protagonist throughout. It would be cool to make some money off this published volume, and I may even look into fundraising the publication if I can't get a professional publisher to handle it. Like most artists, I dream of quitting my day job and working from home.

Many future chapters are in concept, waiting to be fleshed out (well, boned out, har). Many adventures await our boney friends. Blah blah bones etc.

tl;dr? Stay in school, it's your best move.

Two Years
by Micah

Two years between pages. That's a first in Bone Realm history. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

I don't really know what to say. Life has been difficult.

The good news: I have at least a few pages approaching a near-publishable stage, so updates should be forthcoming in weeks or months rather than years.

Delay on Page 16
by Micah

I don't know if anyone actually reads the Bone Realm blog, but for what it's worth, the page that is supposd to go up on Sunday is probably going to be late, perhaps by as much as a whole week. The reason is because I am working on a more urgent project for Marching Mind, who are embarking on their first tour very soon. So again I must apologize... but I promise this will not be another month-long hiatus. I will have the next page up as soon as humanly possible.

I Shall Return
by Micah

I've had people asking me "when's the next Bone Realm page going up?" The most optimistic answer I can give, unfortunately, is "probably not until mid-August." I've been dealing with a number of things lately, most notably a barrage of shifts at work, a relapse of my carpal tunnel syndrome, and preparations to move at the end of this month. In addition, my recent musical collaboration with RML temporarily redirected my artistic time and energy to that area. It also caused me to go out and spend money I didn't have to buy equipment I desperately needed. Music equipment, that is. It's really hard trying to devote time to more than one creative interest. Each page of BR takes about a week of gruelling effort to produce, and I can't really work on much else while I'm at it.

But rest assured, I have every intention of furthering the stories of Paladin, Headhunter, and the rest of our not-so-merry brood whose introductions are still forthcoming. August will almost certainly be patchy, but my goal for September is to hit every deadline with time to spare. We'll see!

Thanks so much for reading, and see you again soon.


I've been away.
by Micah

Bone Realm has been stalled for over a month now. I've been working a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to say, for anyone who's paying attention, that I've started drawing again, which means something should be happening in the Realm in a couple weeks or so.

Man, what a terrible spot for an unscheduled break too. Right in the middle of a fight scene. O.o