Yay, more visitors!
by Micah

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting Bone Realm! The skeletons miss you when you're not here :)

merely mortal
by Micah

So maybe you're all excited about this comic, but the pages take a long time to draw and shade, so in the meantime you're impatient. Right? Well, here's something for you to look at while you wait for the weekly updates of Bone Realm:

Merely Mortal

This morbid strip will be updated several times a week until I find either a job or a girlfriend. So probably forever.

Bone Realm Lives!!!
by Micah

Well, I've gone and done it now. Bone Realm is open to the public---so now everyone can enjoy the horror. And on Day 2 of it's existence, the grim, surreal world has already attracted numerous visitors! Pages 1 through 3 are up, and I'm currently working on Page 4. After Chapter One is completely posted, my goal is to post one page per week, until the end of time itself.

I want to give a shout out to JR, who encouraged me to flesh out the Bone Realm (har, har) and turn it into a webcomic with a coherent story. Check out his zombie comic, Dead Metaphor!