Fan Art by Fleppo!
by Micah

Fleppo sent me some fan art... yay!


Twice a Week = My New Goal
by Micah

So yeah, hardly anyone noticed my early update, but I will be trying to push myself and get two pages up per week from now on. Hopefully that will cause a bit more momentum in pageviews/subscribers and will make the story easier to read too.

I'm thinking Monday and Thursday will be update days. Or Sunday and Thursday, or something similar to that.

Chapter One is Done!
by Micah

I'm so excited that Chapter One is all up. This is the grim introduction to the story... we've barely scratched the surface of this world! I am currently working hard on Chapter Two. Page 7 will be up on Sunday/Monday, as usual.

I also wanted to point out the Links page, on which you'll find things both strange and interesting.

Yay, more visitors!
by Micah

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting Bone Realm! The skeletons miss you when you're not here :)

merely mortal
by Micah

So maybe you're all excited about this comic, but the pages take a long time to draw and shade, so in the meantime you're impatient. Right? Well, here's something for you to look at while you wait for the weekly updates of Bone Realm:

Merely Mortal

This morbid strip will be updated several times a week until I find either a job or a girlfriend. So probably forever.