I've been away.
by Micah

Bone Realm has been stalled for over a month now. I've been working a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to say, for anyone who's paying attention, that I've started drawing again, which means something should be happening in the Realm in a couple weeks or so.

Man, what a terrible spot for an unscheduled break too. Right in the middle of a fight scene. O.o

I Couldn't Get it Up.......
by Micah

Okay, I admit that was a terrible joke, but seriously... not only did I totally fail at the "twice a week" thing, but I was too busy/depressed/lazy/preoccupied to even produce my usual weekly update of Bone Realm. I guess I'll just put it up next Monday and pretend this Monday never happened.

Or I could get into my time machine and....

Twice A Week = Failure
by Micah

Okay, so it looks like twice a week is really not going to work Oh well, it was worth a shot. I'm super behind this week, but I'll try to have the regular update ready by Monday.

Fan Art by Fleppo!
by Micah

Fleppo sent me some fan art... yay!


Twice a Week = My New Goal
by Micah

So yeah, hardly anyone noticed my early update, but I will be trying to push myself and get two pages up per week from now on. Hopefully that will cause a bit more momentum in pageviews/subscribers and will make the story easier to read too.

I'm thinking Monday and Thursday will be update days. Or Sunday and Thursday, or something similar to that.