In this area, I'll be posting photographs of underdrawings, for those of you who are curious about the process of drawing Bone Realm.

UPDATE: Underdrawings for Page 20 and 21. More cheesy outtake jokes.









Underdrawing and inking of Page 19. Complete with cheesy outtake jokes.

Yay. Oh, at the end here I noticed that I had forgotten to draw in all the little rocks and stuff flying in the stormy wind on the last panel. Good thing I caught that before scanning it into Photoshop.



Page 11 Underdrawing (with the inked pages for pages 9 and 10 visible in the background):

...as you can see, I'm a bit of a Staedtler fanatic. I do the underdrawings with a harder lead pencil, usually F, H, or 2H. Occasionally I use HB, but never anything softer because of the greater amount of inevitable smudging that occurs---makes it harder to erase.

Here is another shot of the same page. I make notes for myself along the way, because I ALWAYS forget to draw little details. I ink the entire page with a 0.25mm felt-tipped Staedtler Mars Professional. If I need thicker lines I will occasionally use a Pilot Fineliner, but most of the lines are just the Mars, sometimes going over the same area 3 or 4 times, adding new lines or thickening old ones.


Page 12 Underdrawing:


Here's an image I posted in the forums, showing the difference between the underdrawing and the finished product. You can see that a lot of changes happen while I'm inking... the underdrawing is mostly just for guidance, to make sure I'm getting proportions right and remembering to draw all the little details, etc.



This is a detail of the inkwork on Page 8... you can see that there are lots and lots of lines involved. The image shown is about 4 times actual size.

Oh and I found this photo, which shows the above drawing when it was half-inked. I tend to start with the heads, particularly the eyes, and move out from there.

My messy drawing area... You can see the unprocessed original for Page 7 and Paladin's original concept drawing (to which I find myself constantly referring) in the background.